Here it is, the Building H Newsletter!

Building H is a modest response to a massive problem: These days, everyday life - our food and our cars and our entertainment and our homes and communities - is making us unhealthy, by default and by design. So might we challenge a community of creators and innovators and entrepreneurs and designers to rebuild our lives for health? And could we champion those companies and products that are actually driving health, rather than illness?

That's why we’re doing a newsletter. We want to foster a community of like-minded people who connect, share ideas and lift each other up. And we're looking for contributions (ideas of companies or products or other artifacts) that we should feature. 

Every couple weeks, each installment will include a handful of links - some that illustrate the problem, and some that point to promising solutions. We hope you find these compelling and perhaps helpful in your own work or efforts.

Here’s a link to the first go.

If you like it, we'd appreciate you subscribing, and forwarding to a friend. If you have ideas, please send them our way.

-Thomas & Steve

Thomas Goetz