Introducing Building H

Modern life is really good at making us unhealthy. So if we really want to foster health in our communities, we need to reconsider the building blocks of society - what we eat, where we live, how we move, what we do for fun. We need to start from scratch.

That notion sparked a conversation in the atrium of the Robert Wood Johnson Foundation about five years ago. It started as an observation, then grew into an argument, and now - today - it becomes a project called Building H.

What is Building H? It's a declaration that we need to do more to make an impact. It's a demand to people outside of healthcare - in technology, in industry - to make health part of what they do, and to understand the implications for health in what they do. And it's a community of people who want to do more, and want more done.

Even though Building H is all about Thinking Big, it's starting small - just a website, a newsletter, and an occasional post or story - here or in other publications. Think of these as striking the flint to see what happens, to see if we can spark some bigger conversation. In the weeks ahead, if this tinder starts to flare, we have bigger ideas for doing more to spread the idea that we need to do more for health.

Thanks for being part of Building H. Together, we can rebuild for health.

Thomas Goetz