Announcing the Health x Design Challenge

This month (April 2019), @madpow announced the HealthxDesign challenge, sponsored by the Robert Wood Johnson Foundation, to generate alternative future visions of how everyday life could be healthier by design.

We’re looking for people from design, tech and health to push our thinking about what could be — to give us inspirational visions of the future. To imagine how tech could shape our future — with health as a design goal.

The challenge will center around facilitating behaviors, like cooking meals, sleeping well, moving more, building social connection, spending time outdoors or otherwise making healthy lifestyles easy by default.
We expect the designs to touch on smart homes; food tech; urban planning and community design; mobility and transportation; entertainment; and more.

Key deadlines: submit intent to participate by May 27; webinar May 29; final submission August 31

  • Steve Downs

Thomas Goetz